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February 24,2015
The Quarto Group Inc., the world's leading illustrated book publisher and distribution group, is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Quarto Publishing plc, has entered into a conditional agreement for the acquisition of Lewes Holdings Ltd, the owner of The Ivy Press Limited, which will become part of the Quarto International Co-Editions division. The acquisition is conditional on the approval of Bank of Scotland, lenders to The Ivy Press Limited, to the proposed change of ownership. Learn More.
February 9,2015
Quarto Publishing Group USA, the U.S. publishing arm of the U.K.-based publishing group, which is already well known for publishing and distributing illustrated books and other products under more than a dozen imprints, is expanding in a direction that will further enhance its expertise in that area. Quarto USA is moving aggressively into children’s book publishing in 2015 by releasing 176 children’s frontlist titles for both the trade and school/library markets. Claire Kirch of Publishers Weekly filed this report for the publishing journal on Feb. 6. Learn More.
February 4,2015
Publishers Weekly featured some Quarto Publishing Group employees in its story about the blizzard that snarled plans for many attending the ALA show in Chicago February 1. Learn More.
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